Sunday, May 25, 2014

The other Europe

Today, millions of Europeans will vote to designate their representatives of the European Parliament and indirectly the president of the European Commission. These elections are of paramount importance for the future of Europe. However, during the national campaigns, there was little debate about Europe as if the main issues were of a different nature as the populist parties claim 

In fact, national problems are inseparable from the destiny of Europe. Today, no nation-State could survive alone in a globalizing world without belonging to a wider entity which ensures fair competition, cooperation and solidarity among its members. This was the project put forward by J.Delors and those who supported it in perfect continuity with the original vision of the 'founding fathers'.

The European problem is not only about relaxing austerity and allowing more freedom to finance investments, decide on the level of employment, tackling insufficient purchasing power and the weakness of demand. These are all important questions but they are not the only ones. The objective that we must propose is that of the building of a European federal State, with powers at least in a number of highly sensitive areas, such as a genuine fiscal policy, a common defense, an immigration policy, a common energy policy where a transfer of sovereignty would be desirable.

 The promotion of an European culture, science and technology, social cohesion and the reduction of inequalities in wealth distribution should be pursued not only by each national government but by the European authorities.

Europe is already but not completely the guardian of human rights and citizenship, but this ownership must be preserved and extended. The European Parliament should become the legislative seat of democracy and control of an executive power entrusted to the European Commission. It should appoint the members of the Commission and also the president of the European Union or to entrust it to the direct election by the European citizens. The United States of Europe is the ultimate goal to be achieved, gradually but persistently.

These are the goals of a renewed European project. In this regard, the European parliament should become a fundamental institution along with a reinforced role of the European Commission and the European Central Bank whose powers should be extended.

Responsible citizens should vote to pursue these objectives. Unfortunately, irresponsibility is gaining ground in all European countries. Our only hope is that it will not prevail as an outcome of these elections.

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