Thursday, May 24, 2012

Europe must remain based on solidarity

Growing euro-scepticism across Europe must be countered by a radical
renewal of those values that created the European Community out of the
ashes of the Second World War.  The same ideal should prevail; instead
we have a cacophony about what needs to be done to tackle the financial crisis,
in particular for Greece.

In a recent interview, the German philosopher Jurgen Habermas asks whether
European citizens want to commit suicide (in the economic sense) given the
 recent results of elections in several countries where anti-European parties
have won a large share of the votes. Meanwhile, the economic understanding
that the monetary union cannot be stabilised in the long term without
political union has become prevalent.   

We cannot afford to become complacent or indifferent
to events that are now shaping public opinion. Europe needs to rediscover
its purpose or we will shift inexorably toward disintegration and disunity.

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